PR aka Public Relations

PR i.e Public Relations team makes meaningful messages from everything that AEGEE-Tartu does. We write, take photos, gather information on stuff that is important for AEGEE, we desing our visuals and have fun with the mascot. Our goal is to create an accurate picture of everything the organization does and to tell the world the story of AEGEE. Although our homes are Faceook and Instagram, friends journalists and hobby blogging, the reason for the team to stay together is active members, who are fun to spend time with (both in meetings and elsewhere).

Responsible: Stina-Maria Lusti

Fundraising Team aka FR team

The FR i.e Fundraising team is responsible for finding money for AEGEE-Tartu. We need capital to organise high quality events, to provide our members with European oppurtunities and to communicate our message. Every other team in AEGEE-Tartu depends on us to give them the necessary backing. It is up to us to find sponsors who can either support us with certain goods or discounts and to write projects which will earn us grants. Joining the FR team will provide each member with experience in managing the finances of a non-profit organisation and project writing. These skills will no doubt be useful in the future in every member’s professional and personal life.

Responsible: Ahto Türkson

Events Team

The main task of the events team of AEGEE-Tartu is organizing weekly events for our members. In this team you have the opportunity to get a diverse organizing experience from coming up with new ideas for events to evaluating the impact of the events we’ve had. In addition to organizing events, you can also lead the event, share some of your own skills with others and practice public speaking. From time to time we also have public and international events which give you the opportunity to also try more challenging tasks.

Responsible: Eliise Haljas

Human Resources 

Our team is lovingly called the “HR fairies” because we are the small magical creatures that make sure that everyone feels welcome, included and motivated. Our tasks are to take care of new and old members on every step of their way and help them find the teams that suit them best according to their wishes and strengths (especially during recruitment period twice a year). We give recognition to the best, congratulate on birthdays, develop necessary skills in other teams, and analyze the feedback. And of course, there’s a lot of room for goofing around, decorating the office, and planning fun and quirky surprises to break away from the routine!

Responsible: Heli-Katri Marttila