A message from our twin in Eindhoven!

We have mail! The board of our twin-antenna in Eindhoven has something to tell you.

Dear members of AEGEE-Tartu,

Some of you may not be aware that AEGEE-Eindhoven is your twin-antenna since the Agora in Krakow. We, your board and our board, feel that that should change and we should provide a little glimpse into each others antenna. To start with some history, AEGEE-Eindhoven was founded on November 22nd 1989.

We have around 160 members, but it changes a lot. We have people who only go on Summer Universities, those who only go on exchanges during the year and those who we can find at every drink. It doesn’t matter if they are old or new members, all of them bring something special to AEGEE-Eindhoven. Even though we are situated at the campus of the Technical University in Eindhoven, we have members that go to different schools or they find us before we have found them.

We feel the AEGEE spirit should always be kept high and members should be aware of everything that goes on in Eindhoven but also the other cities where an AEGEE antenna can be found, that is why we have our mascot on Facebook. Our mascot is called Willem de Plant and no he was not fictional. Unfortunately, he died during our rehousing two years ago when we had to move from our beloved place (that the current board has only had the pleasure of seeing twice). But we are currently in the process of getting a baby Willem because we were successful in stealing an essential part at the constitution drink of one of the associations in Eindhoven. Why a baby Willem you may ask. Well, the current boards consist of people who have been a member of AEGEE since September 2017, so babies in some aspects of AEGEE.

Eindhoven is known for its design hub and technology, Philips originates from here. That is why every year during November the light art festival GLOW is organized. This year there are 35 light installations by national and international artists connected via a walking route. GLOW is well known in the Netherlands, people from all places come to see it with their friends, family or children. We as AEGEE-Eindhoven want to share that experience with other AEGEEans. That is why we organize a GLOW exchange each year. This year we decided to invite the Nedertop to join us when walking the route.

Last year was the boards (minus Wouter) first year of being a part of AEGEE. We had many events including a couple of exchanges. Our trip to Gdansk was probably one of our most memorable events. The group we went with consisted of old and new members but was also bigger than it had been before on exchanges.

This year our plans range a bit in nature. We want to clean up some mistakes and the two most important things for us are our members and our connection to other AEGEE locals. We want to acquire new members and make them active by listening to what they want. So there is more participation and a good basis of events that form the core of our association and broaden out from there with introducing different things AEGEE has to offer. Furthermore, we want to do events with other AEGEE locals, some close by such as AEGEE-Tilburg but also with AEGEE-Tartu of course.

AEGEE is not just an association, it is life.


The XXX-board of Association des États Généraux des Étudients de l’Europe Eindhoven