Summer university

Summer University

Summer University is AEGEE’s oldest and most popular project organised by volunteers within AEGEE. They take place all over Europe and AEGEE-Tartu also has a history of organising one every year. The aim of the project is to allow young people to experience multicultural Europe, help them grow more tolerant and open-minded and offer a platform for discussion. The project started in 1988 with the purpose of integrating young people from different cultures. Over 50 000 students have participated in Summer Universities ever since.

In a nutshell, Summer University is a thematic programme somewhere in Europe that lasts on average two weeks, during which you’ll participate in workshops, get acquainted with the local lifestyle and spend fun time together with your new international friends. SU’s are organised by people of your age living in the area where the programme takes place, which allows you to take a closer look at the real local life in a more authentic way than would be possible as a tourist. Some of the SU’s are held in major cities, others include camping in nature, so there’s something for every taste.

In order to participate in an SU, you have to be a member of AEGEE. However, you are eligible to apply to SU straight after joining! In order to apply, you need to write a motivation letter or produce a video instead. The people going through the applications care more about your motivation and enthusiasm; your previous AEGEE experience is less important. The participants usually don’t know each other beforehand which means that you’ll all become friends quite fast.

The price of an SU includes accommodation, meals (two per day), programme and transport during the programme. Sometimes additional activities are offered for a small extra fee which you may refuse to have free time instead. Transportation between Estonia and the place of the SU is your responsibility and thus cannot be compensated. It is also recommended to have some pocket money with you. The cost of the Summer University is usually 14 EUR per day (the exact cost therefore depends on the length of the programme); however, some SUs are more expensive due to an unusual kind of programme.

SU 2023 Grow with the Flow!

🎵~ So no one told you life was gonna be this way~🎵

Are there too many once-in-a-lifetime events that just start coming and they don’t stop coming?🤔 Relaxing in beautiful Estonian nature and learning to meet new challenges head-on might be just what You need to adapt, overcome and Grow with the Flow!


Our adventure begins in the historic University city of Tartu ⛲️ where we’ll get to know each other, do the legendary Tartu pubcrawl and learn the basic skills of becoming more resilient to whatever life sends your way. 💪👀 Following that we will enjoy a few days in the untouched nature of southern Estonia, exploring Nordic forests 🌲🍄 and getting to know Estonian culture hands-on. 🥔👰 We will conclude our travels in the capital Tallinn, where we spend our last days together enjoying the historic old town and vibrant nightlife. 🏰🎉 Join us on the journey to discover just how resilient You can be! 🤗💙